January: Inspiration from The City of Lights

Paris, The City Of Lights, oh such a joy to visit.

I was lucky enough to spend time in Paris over Christmas and what struck me the most was the attention to detail that is synonymous with the French.

Roses, displayed casually, yet perfectly, in matching buckets with handwritten chalk board cards. The scent so gorgeous when walking past the store.

Laudre displays a colorful arrangement of goodies, including tea, candles and pyramids of their famous macaroons. There is a reason why their queues stretch out of the door and down the street, they are simply the best.

A mouthwatering display of pastries and sweets at a local patisserie, impossible to resist!

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to pay more attention to detail in all aspects of my life, from the clothes and accessories that I wear, how I set the table for an evening meal, vignette’s around my home to the smaller details such as carefully selecting the perfect wrapping paper for a gift to a friend.

Happy New Year!




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