2017 Home Detox

Welcome 2017! The slow months of January and February are a great time to get your home into shape. Join me over the next few weeks to create a cleaner, more organized and welcoming home.

In order to help my body detox (much needed after the excess of food and wine over the holiday season) I am starting with the kitchen.

1.Tackle each cabinet, drawer and shelf by removing the entire contents and purge what you no longer need or love.

2.Using a solution of warm water and a few drops of mild dish soap, clean the interior of the cabinets and drawers followed by the exterior.

3.Finish by drying off with a soft cloth.

You will feel a great sense of accomplishment once you start placing all items back into place in an orderly fashion.


To make this area manageable I am splitting my kitchen detox into a two-week block of time. This week I tackled our bar area, oven, junk drawers and pantry.


All of the pens left in my junk drawer actually work and…


the only cook books that you will find on my shelf are the ones filled with healthy nutritious meals.

Good luck with your first week of detoxing and check back in again next week to keep the momentum going.



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